per/sonal 20

b/oy see
king im
age et
ernal m
oon like a
-nd t
hat sort
of br
ass cata
moon li
ke a b
rass mo
gee gosh
i circ
le th
is sem
i circ
le dr
ooling tan
gents h
ow i'm fee
lingua b
lack t
ea bus
-sing my
legs f
rayed tr
ees p
ark siev
ing dayl
ight's b/
orders m
oon like
an O!
ver th
-erture bet
ween I me
an waning
please I
need we
all ne
ed to sp
eak what t
-ughs us to
ward our
-salves bo/
rder se
eking b/
oy to cap
-(er)ture t
his soa
are yo
u not t
ired of cit
ing moo
n g
ashed in
wire poe
-try h"ard
ent ways" ba
looning blis
-ter d
one f
or t
he da

Greg Nissan lives in Berlin, where he’s working on a documentary poetry project as part of a Fulbright grant. His poems have appeared in Rogue Agent and Small Po[r]tions. His translations of Uljana Wolf have appeared in Asymptote, The Brooklyn Rail, Action, Yes, and are forthcoming from Two Lines

Title: per/sonal 20